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Our Services

To 'integrate' means to gain a full understanding; to wholesomely heal. Combining body, mind & spirit together to equally participate in one's own healing journey. Understanding how each of these individual pieces are relevant to everlasting change and finding unity of our sense of self.

Ketamine Prep & Integration

Integration is essential to anyone going through ketamine treatment. This approach is very different than traditional therapy. An integration session allows you to combine the mind & body experience of ketamine. We deepen your understanding of your healing by using symbolism and somatic approaches. You learn to set proper intentions with the medicine and begin to fully embrace change.

*No medicine will be offered at these appointments. They are supportive services to assist your psychedelic therapy process*.

Psychic Healer & Medium

Connecting with those who have passed can greatly influence our higher-selves and bridge barriers for our own healing. Having a safe place to communicate with our loved ones and seek clarity can offer more fulfillment and closure that you may desire.

Mental Health Therapy

Everyone is capable of change and healing. However, it is not completely forgetting and avoiding our past experiences. To heal we must understand how these experiences have had on our lives. Learning how to talk about about our emotions and developing healthy ways to cope are necessary for living our best life without feeling trapped. 

Massage Therapy

Learning how trauma is stored in your body and finding healthy ways to release the pain is vital for healing. Using various approaches to release stored pain and tension is essential when you are wanting a reset and energy shift.  


Regulating our nervous system and learning how to heal our body through movement and breath can additionally help heal trauma. Work 1:1 with our breathwork coach to properly learn breathing techniques to heal and release stored energy. 

Mindfulness Coaching

Becoming in tune with our body through observation and awareness can not only regulate our emotions but help to better cope with stressful situations. Work 1:1 with our energy healers to learn healthy mindfulness practices that we can incorporate in our every day lives.

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