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What's Next?

If you are wondering what the next steps are to get in touch with us or how the journeys work please read more here and then reach out!

Contact Us Immediately!

for a 15 min FREE consult

This is mandatory for any new client. We want to ensure that Ketamine Assisted Therapy is safe and appropriate for everyone. By spending a few minutes with us to get to you know, it will give us a chance to make the proper recommendations. We also welcome any specific questions you may have about this experience that we can answer!


Meet with Our Medical Provider

for an initial evaluation

Ketamine is a controlled substance which means you will need a medical professional to prescribe the appropriate dosage for you. When you meet with our nurse practitioner she will complete a thorough assessment that will include any physical/mental health concerns, previous psyhedelic experiences and to further explain the process.


Schedule your KAP session with us!

We work with the prescriber to create the perfect set and setting possible with the intention of safety, comfort and security. One of our guides will then prepare you for your ketamine experiences by discussing expectations, intentions and your goals with each session. The guides will then sit with you during this process to ensure you feel fully supported and carried as you navigate through your inner healing experience.


Let's Integrate!

Sometimes it is hard to understand and put words to explain your journey, this is where integration can be helpful. Anywhere from 24-48 hours after your KAP session you will schedule an 'integration'. This is where you will sit with a guide to give further meaning to your experience. It also allows you to gain more of an understanding of how to integrate this new knowledge into your everyday life. 

Schedule Your Consult Now!

(801) 960-4020 

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