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Meet Our Team!


Julie Cain


I am a psychiatric nurse practitioner and psychedelic assisted therapist. As a member of the Healing Feathers team, I am proud to support Ketamine treatment for clients seeking relief from depression, anxiety, PTSD and other complex issues with mental health. I enjoy working with people who are open to change and are seeking transformation in their lives . I believe in working as a  team ,(prescriber, therapist, wellness supports, etc.) to help support a person achieve their goals.

I also offer psychiatric medication management and psychiatric evaluations for appropriate diagnosis. I have additional training in psychedelic assisted therapy offering harm reduction, and psycho educational supports for clients.

With over 25 yrs of experience as an NP, I offer collaborative, individualized treatment approaches that support patient defined goals. I value safety, education and empowered choice in all individuals and will partner with your psychedelic guide or therapist to optimize treatment. Most importantly, I honor the inner healing intelligence within all, that best supports your journey to wellness and your best self.

Psychedelic Guides


Ronda Davis

Psychedelic Guide

Cassandra Riding

Psychedelic Guide

As psychedelic guides we believe in wholesomely healing from the inside out. We are passionate about helping people truly transform their life. We love working with those who have felt defeated and hopeless, as we believe we are able to offer the chance to gain the light back into their life. Helping guide each person through their own personal psychedelic experiences. Psychedelic therapy is a unique way for a person to change and receive messages that our ordinary state of consciousness protects us from. Each of our guides believe in the power of transcendental changes and having the freedom to authentically live a life of joy, happiness and stepping into your inner power.



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