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Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP)

Pricing & Packages

Initial Experience Package

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  • Full preparation session

  • 2 KAP sessions (Guide Present Entire Time)

  • 2 Integration session (75-80 min)

  • Over 7 hours of psychedelic therapy!

Can be split into 2 payments!

Deepen the Experience Package


  • 1 Full Prep Session

  • 4 KAP sessions (Guide Present Entire Time)

  • 4 Integration session (75-80 min)

  • Over 12  hours of psychedelic therapy!

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Can be split into 2 payments!

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Full Experience Package


  • Full preparation session

  • 6 KAP sessions (Guide Present Entire Time)

  • 6 Integration session (75-80 min)

  • Over 19 hours of psychedelic therapy!

Can be split into 3 payments!

Integration Package


  • Total of 3 Integration Sessions

  • This is for someone completing a different administration of Ketamine, from another clinic and wants support of integration. We recommend this anywhere from 24-48 hours after a ketamine dosing. 

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Individual Session Prices

Each of these are for add-ons or individual sessions available to you at any point of your experience.

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Preparation Session


In this session we spend time informing you of the ketamine experience and discuss expectations of your journey. We help to build foundational skills and resources to support you along the way. Through preparation we will also create mindful intentions to give you a more structured experience.

Duration 50 min. 

Image by Noorulabdeen Ahmad

Integration Session


Learning to integrate what one has experienced into their daily life after a journey is extremely important. Ketamine is a unique experience of symbols, messages and elements that may seem unclear. Integration sessions are placed 24-48 hours after a KAP session to provide clarity with these meanings and give more purpose to the healing process.

Duration 75-80 min.

Image by Tim Swaan

KAP Session


This is a session where a guide will be present through the entire ketamine experience and provide support to you throughout the journey. Brief preparation discussion at the beginning of the session and a short integration session immediately following the experience.

Duration 120 min.

Medical Consult Services

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Initial Med Consult


This is a 60 minute session where you will meet with our medical provider, Julie Cain, PMHNP-BC for a full mental health assessment and medical evaluation. She goes in depth on previous diagnosis', illnesses and complex medical concerns where if medically cleared, you will receive your ketamine prescription. 

Image by Ashim D’Silva

Follow-Up Med Appointment


Our medical provider does truly care about  your ketamine experience. A follow-up session is required to ensure there are no concerns, issues or side effects that need to be addressed immediately. Adjustments may be made at this time to your dosage and treatment plan to provide an individualized experience for you.

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